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 Leather Jackets For Men

Are you a leather jacket lover, who loves to be the showstopper at an event – if yes, then Yohaan Leather has the best collection of leather jackets to help you witness fashion & perfection! From classic designs to fashion-forward men’s leather coats, we have all the types of jackets that you wish to have in your wardrobe. Our customized black leather jackets are charming & sophisticated, giving you the dreamy look you’ve been craving since your teenage.

Iconic Leather Jackets for Men – Building Unique Style Statement

Our close to perfection, leather jackets for men are a true symbol of distinction, giving an extra edge of style to all the people wearing it. And you know what? Nothing beats a stylish, and durable real men’s leather jacket, regardless of how perfectly it’s worn, LEATHER NEVER MISSES THE MARK OF TIMELESS ELEGANCE!

To help you out with the quick selection of leather jackets, we’re here to help you out! Yohaan Leather has been in the market of leather jacket manufacturing for decades, and we’ve got a team of craftsmen who know how to create a “perfect leather jacket for men ” at budget friendly prices. Therefore, whether you’re a biker, or someone who loves to go on adventurous hikes, we’ve the perfect collection of real leather jackets that will upgrade your overall look. We do have women faux jackets in all colors & sizes, so you can grab one from those as well! We’ve a range of white jacket biker jacket for men as well.

Let’s just explore some of the different types of real leather jackets, and make you choose the one that best fits with your requirements!

 Unveiling the Finest Men’s Leather Jackets in Every Style

We as a team of professional leather jacket’s creators use high-quality material that is durable, and stays with the people for ages. Here we’re going to discover some of the best types of leather jackets for men that one should know before making a purchase.

Iconic Biker Leather Jackets For Men

As the engine roars to life, and the biker slipped into his biker leather jacket, if the manufacturing of the jacket isn’t quality-enriched then, the biker can be hurt! But, no worries with Yohaan’s white faux leather jacket, you are all safe and secure! Our biker jackets have the cuts, and style that gives a rebellious and stylish look to the one wearing it. Most of our black leather jackets have front zip, or snap buttons with a shiny look for a rugged appearance. Not to forget all of our real men’s leather jackets are not less than a style statement, contributing a valuable part in the community of bikers. Hence, if you wish to be the next fashion icon in the world of rebellious bikers then, opt for the leather jackets by Yohaan’s Leather & let them do the magic for you.

Vintage Men’s Leather Jacket

Our vintage leather jackets for men possess the best quality of leathers that builds the personality of the person wearing it. Moreover, it has the essence of a bygone era, like back in the 90’s the style of leather jackets were entirely different. We understand that there are still a lot of people who still miss that style. Our vintage-inspired leather jackets will take you back to the old times! All our vintage  jackets are a pathway to the old times, creating the look that endures both style, and distinctiveness.

Leather Bomber Jackets For Men

The leather bomber jacket stands as a pinnacle of the aviation inspired fashion that were introduced to the clothing stores due the huge demand. These leather jackets consist of ribbed cuffs, and waist, showcasing the history rooted in wartime heroics, the bomber jackets are truly an aura of rugged elegance. All the army enthusiasts are keen to wear these leather bomber jackets, varying from a classic boxy to a more form-fitting design, giving the person an amazing look and feel! From the origin on the flight decks to the urban runways, these endure a piece of classic design mixed with stylish cuts, giving a versatile symbol of fashion.

Aviation Inspired Leather Jackets For Men

Our trending, and most-selling aviation inspired red leather jackets for men are created keeping the military flights jackets in mind that were used in world war 3. All of these black leather jackets feature a shearling collar, and cuffs with a shiny leather outwear, that gives the wariors a warm feel during the cold days of the seasons. Hence, our aviation leather jackets are a style-statement, that are absolutely amazing, and essential for warriors to keep up in their wardrobe.

Most Trending Movie Leather Jackets

If you’re a fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Game of Thrones, Matrix, or the trending pink movie jacket from Barbie, then you’re at the right place. Each movie faux jacket customized by us is seamlessly built with the perfect embodiment of style, backed with cinematic shine! Each jacket encapsulates the essence of the believed movie characters that you’re fond of, and helps you channel them in the best way possible! From rugged leather jackets of Indiana Jones to the most sophisticated and black leather jackets of James Bond, we kept the spirit of these characters alive through our real leather men jackets!

Upgrade Your Daily Look With Black Leather Blazer Jackets

Our black leather blazer jackets are truly an inspiration of fashion for a lot of people who love to wear blazers with white plain t-shirts. If you’re an office working man, or woman then, these red leather blazer jackets are the best pick for you! You can wear these blazers with white or colorful shirts, paired with sneakers, and a tie to give a more professional look. And you know what’s the most amazing part? If you’re appearing at a job interview then, these blazer jackets will definitely make you ace the interview.

Leather Trench Coats For Men

Gone are the days when only women were into leather trench coats, as now men are actively taking part in embracing this iconic style like a PRO! Our leather trench coats for men are a perfect example of elegance, and style, making the individual look more alluring! With the iconic double-breasted silhouette and a timeless appeal, our real men’s leather coats are a must-have for style enthusiasts as they can rock any party and be the next show stopper!

Elegant Faux Jackets For Men

Lastly our elegant faux jackets for both men and women are a perfect combination of style and comfort giving your existing wardrobe a contemporary edge while keeping the cozy embrace aside. All the pieces are crafted with meticulous attention to the jacket’s look, like the use of high-quality fur on the collar of the jackets to the perfect embellishment of the buttons on the mid, all of our jackets are highly luxurious, helping you to become a style statement for your peers & fellas!

Exploring Men’s Leather Jacket Styles

Men’s leather jackets are manufactured in different types of leather based on the choices of the person. Hence, one thing that upscales the overall look of the leather jacket for men is the quality of leather used to create the jackets of all types. From weathered to sleek and rugged leather jackets, anything can be transformed just by using the “best quality leather” for the creation of the trending jackets.

Sheepskin Leather Jackets & Coats for Men

Our sheepskin leather jackets for men are highly priced because of the sheep’s skin use as a primary material for the manufacturing of the jackets. Its softness to the bold look that surpasses the ordinary jackets make it worthwhile amongst all types of leather jackets. Our real leather jackets for men can be worn in all seasons, making it an all around for everyone who loves to wear puffy, soft, and furry leather jackets. However, these jackets are ideal to be worn in winters, giving a stylish look to the overall appearance.

Buffalo Leather Jackets & Coats for Men

Our buffalo leather jackets for men are best for those who love to wear rugged jackets, thicker in quality, and heavier in look. These jackets are highly in demand during the winter seasons, and this distinctive buffalo skin leather jackets and coats are loved by both men and women throughout the seasons worldwide.

Goatskin Leather Jackets & Coats For Men

Similarly the goatskin leather jackets and coats for both men and women are made from the original skin of goats – not to forget healthy goats! This type of real leather jackets for men are known for their durability, and the comfort they give to the people who wore them with love! However the best part is, these jackets are lightweight, but compete head to head with the buffalo skin leather jackets. These jackets have grainy texture, and create a pattern that sets them apart from all types of leather jackets – stylish, puffy, and comfortable!

Top-Grain Leather Jackets For Men

Our top-grain leather jackets are all sanded, and treated to remove the imperfection while maintaining a luxurious look for the people wearing it all day and night. It has a perfect balance between durability, and elegance, making them a must-have for adventurous people in their wardrobe.

Full-Grain Leather Jackets For Men

Our full-grain leather jackets have that authenticity that sets them apart from the competition. These jackets are the best in terms of quality, showcasing the originality of leather texture, apart from all the scars, and marks. These kinds of leather jackets for men are ideal for casual wear.

Lambskin Leather Jackets For Men

Lastly, our one of the most running lambskin leather jackets and costs are known for their soft touch, and leight weight quality – making them a perfect choice for bikers, and hikers. However, if they’re giving a faux leather look then, these jackets become luxurious, and elegant for the daily users.

 Men’s Leather Jacket Varieties Based on Color

Apart from the type and kind of leather jackets, one of the important factors that affects the purchasing is the “color” of the jacket you’re planning to choose. Colors play a significant role in the selection, and there is always a message behind every color used! Here’s everything you should know about the color scheming of the leather jackets.

Classic Black Leather Jackets For Men

Black leather jackets are always a showstopper for men and women both because black color can never go out of fashion! Whether it’s a biker leather jacket or bomber, or sheepskin leather jackets, all our black leather jackets are of high quality, making you feel and look amazing! With the perfect quality of leather being used to the must-have staple that adds a high-grade touch of style to your leather jackets, all the jackets are of high quality!

Shiny Red Leather Jackets for Men

Our shiny red leather jackets for men are a bold statement of confidence, and style. All of the jackets are created with meticulous attention to all the details, and these jackets not only elevate the overall style look but also sets you apart from the crowd.

Puffy White Faux Leather Jackets for Men

Our puffy white faux leather jackets are a perfect style statement for casual and party wear both giving you the look you’ve been seeing in movies only. Now you can also ace the look with Yohaan’s Leather white leather jacket and be the next show stopper for the party.

Neutral Leather Jackets for Men

Apart from black, brown or bold colors, there are people who actually love to wear neutral color leather jackets like navy blue, gray, and green that are a popular choice for leather jackets. All of these jackets add a pinch of versatility, and style to your ordinary wardrobe, making you look more alluring & amazing!


1.     Which color of leather jacket is best for men to wear in winters?

There are different colors used by men to wear in winters, however, mostly men prefer to choose neutral colors like, gray, olive green or sometimes bold colors too like, creme, beige, and black.

2.     Are real leather jackets expensive?

Yes, real leather jackets are definitely expensive due to the material used in the manufacturing. Since they’re made from the skin of real animals, the cost for the leather jackets are higher than ordinary jackets. However, the brand name and designer experience also play a great role in escalating the pricing of the jackets.

3.     Are handmade leather jackets expensive?

Yes, handmade leather jackets are definitely expensive. The price stands from $200 to $600 however, it can exceed more based on the brand’s name, and expertise.

4.     Which leather jackets are best for summers?

Light brown leather jackets are best for summers, making them feel comfortable and stylish both! Usually bikers wear lightweight leather jackets to protect themselves from sunlight, keeping your body both cool and protected from the sunlight.


You can shop the best quality leather jackets for men from Yohaan’s Leather for a slim-fitted, and stylish look. Enjoy a 100% original leather quality backed with a cotton lined interior, and shiny leather exterior, with two or one pockets (customized) – all as per your needs!

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